"But don't take MY word for it..."

    Over the years, I've had the pleasure and good fortune to be able
    to work with numerous wonderful clients - from high-profile national
    companies to smaller, local businesses and organizations.

    Here are some comments and testimonials of just a few of them...
(c) 2014 Matt Forrest
email: Matt@MattForrest.com
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"These files are all really quite
outstanding, with no tweaks or
re-recordings needed...I really
appreciated the comprehensive
set of takes; they cover all the
possible interpretations, leaving
us with plenty of flexibility.
Absolutely stellar job!"
-Ian Warfield,
Hard Light Productions
"Have I told you how wonderful you
are?!?  This...is exactly what we
are looking for; thank you!"
-Mary Whitehouse-Steele,
Champlain Radio
“Matt is efficient, diligent, and
devoted to his craft.  His voice and
his work are strong assets for
Trusted Voice, and we’re confident
in both his talent, and his reliability.”
-Dr. Daniel A. Shaye,
CEO, Trusted Voice
"(The) commercial you wrote for
O.C. McCuin's has been the best!...
all kinds of feedback!"
-Mary Steele, WLFE/WRSA
"(The client's Dir. of Marketing) pointed
out how fantastic you are with all your
-Kelli Kelley, Frank-FM account rep
"Thank you, Matt...a pleasure
working with you!"
-Luke Gilbert,
"Whether it's an infomercial, commercial,
internal communications or promo;
Matt always delivers fast and effectively."
-Jake McCurdy,
Production Manager, Code Ready Solutions
"You kicked ass and got the [production]
done so fast!!"
-Dean Pratt,
Pres., Theatre on a Shoestring
"Thank you for the wonderful voice!"
-Arnoud van der Horst ,
"#$!@!-ing Perfect!"
-Chris Pine, Owner, Pine Desine
"Plane Madness Podcast"
"Matt is my go-to guy for important voice
work, especially ones that require a
certain accent or character voice.
The ultimate compliment is how much
my clients rave about Matt's work."
-Harry Kozlowski,
"Having been in advertising and
marketing for over 20 years, I recognize
that it takes strong, effective radio
spots to capture a listener’s attention in
a competitive venue. Production with
Matt makes my  to-do list easier. He
understands the corporate positioning
and overall feel that Granite State Credit
Union strives for in all of its marketing
messages. Matt's talent and
experience allow him to get the best
read out of professional voice talent
and novices alike."
-Jody Ducharme,
Marketing Communications Liaison,
Granite State Credit Union
"Matt is fast and very service
oriented.  We were very happy with
his turnaround time and the product
he provided for us.  We will use him
-Chad DeFerrari, CDF Media, Inc.
"Thanks again for all of your hard
work!  You did a great job at making
the French Palace Guard come alive!"
--Jared Starr, SmartChoicesKids.com
"Matt's got a great voice. Good
pipes and a lot of character. He's
definitely someone I'd recommend
for any voiceover need you have.
Matt is a pleasure to work with -
always pleasant and super fast
turnaround time."
-Randi Ellis,
"Matt's a very talented voice-over
providing empathy and/or energy.  
Give Matt the right direction and
he'll nail it for you every time...
Great work ethic.  Gets you what
you need, when you need it...  
A real pro."
-Mike Glorioso, Writer / Producer,
The Spokes Agency