Whether you need a stand-out commercial for that hard-to-please
client, a professional delivery for a business presentation or
telephone system, or a unique character voice for your video,
Yours Truly can write it, voice it, produce it, and deliver it - often in
less than 24 hours!  And not only can I do it well, I can do it for a lot
less than you might think.

Folks who hire me to do voiceover work aren't my customers;
they are my

Come find out more about me, and how I might be able to help you
save the money you have, and make more on top of it!

- Award-winning Digital Multi-Track Production
- Voiceovers and Narration
- Character Voices & Voice Acting
- Station Imaging
- Telephone/On-Hold
- Copywriting

...all backed by 25+ years experience!  That's right, I've been
doing this for more half my life.  Lord help me.
(c) 2015 Matt Forrest
email: Matt@MattForrest.com
This site is constantly being updated, so check back often!  Or don't - I'll never know.
Yes, that's me, Matt Forrest.  I make a living (such as it is) selling
my voice.  I've been in recording studios, on theatre stages, and
in front of TV cameras...and have always managed to leave
before security arrived.  If you think I might be able to help you
out, I hope you'll consider contacting me!

This site is not as glitzy as many  you'll come across...for good reason.  
Fancy animation won't help you hear my voice.
Expensive graphics don't make me sound any better.
This is about me helping you
make money, plain and simple.
Clients have included
HBO Comedy,
Symantec, DigiDeal,
Granite State Credit
Union, and Code Ready
Solutions, among
others.  See what they
have to say about my
work HERE.
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