Author James Preller has said that authors don’t do school visits, schools
do author visits. It's a great perspective to have because it reinforces
the notion that schools are anticipating getting something out of the visit -
that an author cannot just "show up" and expect his/her mere presence
to carry the day. If a school or library is going to offer to host me, I plan to
make that visit as beneficial and memorable as possible.

I love chatting with elementary and middle school classes about writing:
what poetry is, how to rhyme (or not!), how to develop details in writing,
and even simply how to stimulate one’s imagination.

Depending on the grade and level of the classes, I tailor my
presentations to fit the needs of the teachers and students. Sometimes
the sessions tend to focus on questions/answers, while some are more
hands-on, where we actually create poetry and get into the nuts and
bolts of what poetry is all about.

One day I might be sharing details of how I became a writer and voice
artist in an informational setting. The next, I’ll be discussing Common
Core Anchor Standards for Writing 3, 4 & 5 (the three most apropos, in
my opinion, for poetry): writing succinct yet detailed narratives,
developing a style of writing appropriate to the audience/subject, and
strengthening writing via revision/editing.

While I prefer to visit schools in person – nothing beats the energy and
efficacy of live interaction – I am also available for short Skype visits of
no more than 20 minutes. Skype visits are good for question/answer
sessions and author info-gathering on the part of the classroom, while in-
person visits are better suited for learning the craft.

If you have any questions about content or rates, or would just like to
connect online, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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